Frog Alley Community Garden

Frog Alley Community Garden is up and running at 250 SW 4th Avenue in Delray Beach. Adjacent to St. Matthew's parish hall, the land for the garden has been made available by the generosity of property owner Iris Jones.

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The Frog Alley garden is intended to serve residents of southwest Delray Beach, allowing them to gain more control over their food supply while putting them in touch with the earth. Furthermore, the Frog Alley Community Garden is expected to provide benefits common to all community gardens:

  • Increased property value (and increased tax revenue)
  • Improved nutrition of the surrounding community (and lower public health costs)
  • Increased environmental sustainability of the neighborhood and city

The Frog Alley garden invites volunteers and gardeners to get involved in one or more of the following activities:
  • Garden construction (plant shrubs, build raised beds, install fencing, etc.)
  • Garden maintenance (water, compost, fertilize, etc.)
  • Gardening (raise your own produce)
  • Education (teach and learn about gardening and garden-related activities, e.g., grafting, beekeeping, organic gardening, etc.)
For more information or to get involved, contact garden manager Ashley Moore at or 504.699.5244.

Thank you to the generous donors and supporters who are
helping to make the Frog Alley Community Garden a reality:

A1A Sprinklers
Allan Hendricks
Coastal / Oldcastle Pavers

Delray Garden Center
MacLaren Signs
St. Matthew's Episcopal Church
The Park Catalog
St. Paul's Episcopal Church
Southcoast Partners
Stuart & Shelby Development

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